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Hirtenkäse [HEER-tan-kasa]  

Hirtenkäse is traditionally handmade in the Allgäu mountain region in the South of Germany. Hirtenkäse is a rustic and savory hard cheese. It is an authentic mountain cheese with a rugged, earthy aroma.

The rich cow's milk for our Hirtenkäse comes from mountain farmers. Their cows graze in elevations of at least 2600 feet. Our farmers have only about 12 - 15 cows per farm, so they are well cared for, which will result in wonderful, rich milk. Our cows enjoy the fragrant grasses on alpine meadows in the summer and spend the winters in their cozy barn, eating aromatic hay. In mid September we have a big festival in the Allgäu, the "Viehscheid". We decorate the lead cow with flowers and herd them down from the mountains to their barns. That's where the name Hirtenkäse comes from. It is German for "herdsman‘s cheese".

We are proud and happy to let you know that Hirtenkäse won two gold medals at the World Cheese Awards in London, England in 2005.